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Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yesterday's Virgin

Title: Yesterday's Virgin (Midwood F221)
Author: Jason Hytes
Artist: Paul Rader
Year: 1962

"Peggy came of age early, for she lived in the jungle world of the street gang. She used the only asset she had--her ripe young body--to nail the leader of the gang for herself."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Auntie Maim

Title: Auntie Maim (VICEROY VP 336)
Author: Jack Owen
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1969

"Actual first hand case histories dealing with corporal punishment!"

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA, Kink and Fetish

Bunny Yeager's Art of Glamour Photography

Title: Bunny Yeager's Art of Glamour Photography (The Modern Camera Guide Series)
Author: Bunny Yeager
Artist: Bunny Yeager (photographer)
Year: 1962

Glamour photography tips and strategies from one of the best cheesecake photographers of all time. Pictured models include: Bunny Yeager; Bettie Page (9 shots); Julia Saxon; Chris Mara; Lisa Winters; Nadine Ducas; Carol Blake; Vicky Shoos; Millie Baxter; Diane Weber (3 shots); Susan Jones (Miss Scotland 1961); Lana Bashama; Dodie Mitchell; Lisa Winters; Nikki Wyatt; Lacey Kelly; Maria Stinger; Tee Tee Red; Yvonne Menard; Warrene Gray; Carol Singleton; Sheila Malone; Gunella Knutssen (Miss Swdwen 1961); Charlene Mathies; Carol Jean Lauritzen; Ursula Andress; (and more uncredited)

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lover Boy

Title: Lover Boy (Belmont 240)
Author: John B. Flint
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1961

"The unashamed story of lonely women in a little New England (Vermont) town...and the man who wove a net of passions around them all."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Black Satin Jungle

Title: The Black Satin Jungle (previously published as: Indiscretions of a French Model) (Zenith ZB-44)
Author: Bart Frame
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1960

"The story that strips the garment industry right down to its naked fangs and claws."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA, Mystery and Thrillers

Friday, October 10, 2014

Lust Lodge

Title: Lust Lodge (Merit 509)
Author: Arnold Marmor; Betty Brosmer (model for cover)
Artist: Robert Bonfils
Year: 1960

 "Contralto, a wide open town, had everything. From the big gambling joints to the dives where one could indulge in the lowest form of perversion. The Club Inferno had gambling upstairs and stripping downstairs. The joint was wide open. They had some of the best strippers in the country appearing there to please the customers in every possible way."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Midnight Orgy

Title: Midnight Orgy (PRIVATE EDITION PE 342)
Author: Herman G. Globin
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1965

"They knew when to stop their carnival of lesbian lust...but never did! Explores the myth of the YWCA."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA, Lesbians and Lesbiana

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Home to Harlem

Title: Home to Harlem (Avon 376)
Author: Claude McKay
Artist: Ray Johnson
Year: 1951

 "Love was cheap and life was high in the torrid zone of 'Little Old' New York!"

Categories: African-Americana,  Hot-Blooded Classics

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strange Fruit

Title: Strange Fruit (After Hours AH 113)
Author: Richard Allen
Artist: Eric Stanton
Year: 1965

"Twilight Girls in New York's bizarre Greenwich Village. Let's watch Brenda, a butch dyke as she cruises then propositions Gloria, a femme. The two go up to Brenda's apartment for a lesson in lesbos love."

Categories: 1960s Sleaze and GGA, Kink and Fetish, Lesbians and Lesbiana

Monday, October 6, 2014

Each Won Two

Title: Each Won Two (Fabian Original Z-101)
Author: Marsha Bates
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1959

"With Florine pouring the drinks and Cathy egging them on. Jim and Clide warmed to the drag like veteran impersonators. Now they were dancing."

Categories: 1950s Sleaze and GGA, Gay Male, Kink and Fetish